God will give you thebest

By Julia Fernandes

June 5, 2011


God always gives His best to thosewho leave the choice with Him. Following this belief, many years back when I expressedmy wish to God that I would like to marry a guy whom you have chosen for me, I justdid not realize how difficult and long waiting for God’s choice would be.


Through all the years the wait hasbeen very tough, facing barbs from people around you, seeing the best years ofyour life just slipping by you, giving in to that occasional doubt that whetherGod has really destined somebody for you or not? And just when you are at thelowest point in your life, God sends subtle messages through various channelsreminding you that He will, indeed, give you the best.


When you make a prayer and leave things to God, you have togive Him the full rein. When God is in control, nothing can go wrong. I learntthat when you truly leave the choice to Him, you also have to accept the factthat God follows His own clock that is no way similar to the clock we use onearth. So, what seems like terribly late to us is actually the best and perfecttime in God’s watch!


Since God has made me, who better than Him could know who isbest for me. The book of Tobit reveals how Sarah was destined by God for Tobias. "Do not be afraid, for she was destinedfor you from all eternity. You will save her and she will go with you." Tob.6:17  God brings a man and woman together and it is the Holy Spirit thatkeeps them united. Love by itself is not strong enough to keep a husband andwife together but it is God’s Holy Spirit that anoints a marriage and holds ittogether. You do a need third person to keep your marriage strong and intact, andthat is God.


Mark Arndt, a US-based wedding photographer and a writer whohas written wonderful articles on waiting for God’s best shared hisobservations with me. He said, "I'm a wedding photographer, and I shot twoweddings last week that were a vivid example of the contrast between godlyrelationships and worldly relationships. The first wedding I shot was of acouple who had already lived together for at least a year, and somehow thewhole affair had a sour flavor to it. Even the couple didn't seem all that excited about the line they werecrossing; I guess Christmas is no fun when you've already opened all thepresents!"


"The second wedding, though, is one I'll never forget. Thebride and groom loved God and kept themselves pure until the big day, and theeffect was just so beautiful to behold (their expressions made for some pricelessphotos, too!). The second couple just shimmered with joy, and I've seldom seentwo people as in love as they were. Both weddings followed the same pattern onthe surface, but in the second wedding all of the formalities, the whitedress, the vows, the father giving the bride away, actually meant something.They weren't just meaningless customs; they represented something true andbeautiful!  The attitude at the secondwedding was an excited, "Wow, it's finally time!" whereas the attitudeof the first wedding was a murmured, "Well, it's about time," he noted.


Mark further expressed, "One can either take the wide road tonarrow blessings or the narrow road to wide blessings. The vivid contrastreinforced my conviction that, though I am, indeed, still waiting for God tolead me to the right one, it is so much wiser to be going somewhere slowlyrather than going nowhere fast."


To realize that you will love theperson that God wants you to love and get married is the most magnificentfeeling you can ever feel. As Mark beautifully puts it across, "I want thatclean, sparkling feeling that the second couple had, and if that takes an extrafew years or a few extra pangs of heartache now and then, it's a very smallprice to pay!"