Sad letter from God

By Julia Fernandes

October 13, 2011




I am God….:)..but, you can alsocall me Abba, Father, Daddy or Papa.  


Yes, I am the same God who createdthe Heaven and Earth and this whole universe. I AM before time. Nobody cantruly comprehend my being in any way. The closest you can come to know me is onlythrough love.


Though I stay in Heaven, my spirit movesaround across the whole universe including earth, if only you look carefully. Ilove earth and all the living and non-living things that I have very lovingly created.Everything is dear to me. The way I gave earth to man I doubt I will ever get itback in the same way. Man has changed so many things that when I look from topI fail to recognize it -- some changes are for good but, sad to say, most are forworst.


You may ask what I do in Heaven.Well, in a day I get thousands of prayer requests and that is enough to keep mebusy. I have my hands full browsing through all your prayers. Let me add, Ilisten to every single, sincere prayer that comes from the heart. I feelthrilled when I have to answer prayers that are identical to the blessings thatI want to give. The prayer, then, just becomes a permission I need to expeditemy blessings.


But does anybody care to think howtough it is for me to say no to prayers that are not in the best interest of those who ask? You see, I can see the past, present and future. Hence, it becomes sohard for me when I know that what my child is asking is not good for him/her.So, what do you think I do? To protect you, I turn down your requests only sothat I can give you the best.


And for doing this I find myself at the receiving end of all sortsof angry outbursts and complaints. I can listen to everything. Not a single thought of yours escapes my attention. Hmmn...just wondering is that reallybeing fair to me? The next time I don’t answer your prayers, please do not rushto get upset with me. I have every good reason for not answering your prayers.


When I get a prayer request forsomething that I know is wrong, I first ignore it. When the request comesagain, I continue to ignore it. But there are some who just cannottake my No for an answer. Finally, the only way I can convince someone thatwhat they have asked for is not exactly the right thing for them is by answering theirprayers!


And while we are on prayers, Iwould like to share this, that among all the prayers the angles come and handover to me in day, I have to actually ask the angel, are there any thanksgivingor thank you prayers for petitions that I have answered? And you know what; theangels have to search a lot before they manage to find a thank you prayer. 

It would make me happy if the thank you prayers are in proportion to the request prayers that I receive. Didit ever occur to you that the blessings that already exist in your life are theprayers that you never did have to make to me? Few realize this and feweracknowledge these blessings.

It is a nice feeling to know that I am loved not only for granting prayers but I am loved only because I love you unconditionally. The worst feeling is knowing that people seek me only in times of distress, or view me as some prayer-answering machine or blessing-dispensing person.

Just remember that even I have feelings. So, please do not use me. Remember me at all times, good as well as bad. Take the time to know me. You will be surprised at what you find in me. I can be all to you that you want me to be -- friend, mother, father...


Enough for now. Got to get back toworking on loving, protecting and guiding the whole universe.


Blowing kisses and hugs to all ofyou…




Your Loving Father (God)