Chat between God& Jesus

By Julia Fernandes

July 4, 2011


"Have you seen my Son anywhere?" asked an extremely sweetvoice breaking the serene silence in Heaven. It was the voice of God -- filledwith unusual sweetness and gentleness, incomparable to anything that could befound on earth. "Yes, we have seen Jesus sitting alone in the garden," theangels said in unison.


Turning towards the garden God proceeded to find His lovingSon. At the far end of the pristine and unimaginable beautiful garden, Godspotted Jesus sitting all alone -- motionless -- as if in deep contemplation. Heslowly walked up to Jesus and sat besides him. "What happened my Son? Why areyou sitting here all alone?" God gently questioned Jesus wrapping His armsaround him. Jesus turned to his Father and revealed his pain-filled eyes. In alow and soft tone he asked, "Dad, why is there so much of coldness in thehearts of people on earth? Why is there no love in their hearts?"


God remained silent. Jesus continued, "When you brought meinto this world, most found it hard to believe that I was your Son and that yousent me on earth. They refused to believe that I was their Saviour." A tearrolled down the holy face of Jesus as he looked to his Father. "Yet, I loved andforgave them with all my heart. And for the love that I gave them I was made tosuffer, put to shame and finally nailed to the cross," Jesus said opening hisoutstretched palms to his Father that still had the nail imprints on them.


God lovingly took the hands of Jesus in His hand. In achoked tone Jesus went on, "Dad, it was very painful on the cross. Verypainful. But, today when I see the fragmentation and division of my people, myheart pains even more. When I see people busy arguing about the Word,doctrines, scriptures, proving each other right and wrong, it hurts me so muchmore than the physical pain that I endured on earth. When I see nationsfighting against one another, people shedding one another’s blood, it hurts mea lot."


Jesus continued, "Dad, you gave them the 10 commandments butI just gave them one commandment -- love one another as I have loved you. It wasthe simplest and easiest commandment to follow, yet I see so much of hatred forone another. Where is the love, Dad? Is it so difficult to simply love oneanother?"

God who was until now silently hearing everything finallyspoke up. He said, "I know Son how you feel. Man’s heart has, indeed, grown coldseeking everything else other than the one thing that can truly give them peaceand happiness. They are so busy in their earthly pursuits that they forget Me.They forget that there is their loving Father up here loving and watching overthem every minute."


God whispered gently, “I can soften their hardened hearts. But I donot want to do it. Love works best when it is felt and given willingly from thedeep recesses of their heart. I sent you into the world to show them how tolove. Sadly, they have not learnt much. Man has mastered everythingexcept one thing -- the ability to love one another."


Both got up and arm-in-arm gradually walked towardsthe edge of Heaven from where they looked down anxiously on the blue revolvingplanet that was suspended in empty space. Both were pondering over the lack of love among the people on earth -- one was a Father who created theworld and the other was a Son who died for the world!