Have faith in God

By Julia Fernandes

June 2, 2011


"Faith enables persons to be persons, becauseit lets God be God." -  Carter Lindberg


All my years if I have clung to any sentence as tightly as Icould, it is this, have faith in God. This simple and short sentence of fourwords has been a source of nourishment for my soul all through my life. If Ihave managed to keep my head and heart together in all the seasons of my life itis only because of my faith in God.


I cannot always carry and shoulder the burdens of life. Iadmit I am weak. Sometimes, it becomes real heavy. That time I just lay themdown and look to Heaven and gesture God to take over from me, only to see God issmiling back at me and eagerly waiting to lift my burdens. He looks at me andjust says, "Have faith in Me, Julia." God’s power works best when we place allyour faith in Him.


I realize then that having faith in Him is so much moreeasier than trying to lift the burdens all by myself. This beautiful hymn comesto my mind...


Oh what grace we oftenforfeit

Oh what needless painwe bear

All because we do notcarry

Everything to God inprayer


And I rejoice in the fact that I can fall; I am notinfallible; I no longer feel inadequate, or ashamed of my failings. God tellsus it is OK to fail. For it gives God an opportunity to turn around things forus. And it is simply amazing when He takes the worst that has happened andwrings out the best from it. It is so wonderful to see the little miracles thatHe weaves so beautifully when we entrust our lives in His care. Truly, only Godcan do it!


There are times when things have gone terribly wrong, when Ihave felt as though life has played a cruel joke, when suddenly nothing makesany sense anymore. In those times it is my faith and trust in God that hashelped me to coast along. Thanks to my faith, what I do not understand now Iunderstand much later, when I see a part of the picture. The whole picture, ofcourse, we will get to see when we meet Him.


While faith is that delicate tug at God’s heart signifyingHim to take over from where we left, trust is that tender nudge at God’s heartconvincing Him that we know He will help us, even if we do not understand Hisways. In the ebb and flow of life, when everything else fails, faith in Godwill save your day.


Faith in God is that precious oil that the keeps thelamp of my life burning bright enabling me to share this brightness andradiance with all those who come in contact with me!