Depressed? Give in God’s hands                

By Julia Fernandes

July 27, 2011


I am depressed. According to a recent World HealthOrganisation-sponsored study, depression affects 121 million people worldwideand is responsible for 850,000 deaths every year. That’s quite a figure! Thereport did depress me because it showed how vulnerable we have become to thetugs and pulls of our mind and bodies. None of us can truly escape depression. Allof us at some point or the other in our lives will be affected by depression.


It is scary when you realize you can no longer control theway you feel. Sometimes, it becomes more than the occasional 'lows' and boutsof 'blues'. Our usual response to depression is to indulge in activities thatalleviate our moods. However, those activities such as meeting up with friends,catching up on a movie, listening to music or reading will only temporarilylift up our spirits.


Life is ongoing and you can be sure that as long as you areliving life will continue to challenge and stretch your patience in every way, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. So, what do you do? The trick is inhaving a constant, stable and reliable support system that can absorb thestress and weather everything in your life. In my case, I found it in God.


The best way to deal with this mental monster is to monitoryour thoughts on a daily basis. Examine your feelings daily. Since I pray alot, I do my daily self-check with God. It makes my assessment easier. I am nota doctor neither am I a saint. I am just a human. So, when I unburden mythoughts, feelings, troubles to God, I feel light.


I know am not qualified to understand, rectify or changeevery single emotion and thought that runs through my mind. I can only feel it.But God can understand everything. So, I only tell Him how I feel and He doesthe rest. For only He knows exactly the precise hormone that is causing havocwith my mental or emotional makeup. I domy part and God does His.


It is important to recognize your own self as your bestfriend. Be kind and loving to yourself. Sometimes, life will be very tough. Thetrick lies not in fighting the toughness of it all but in softening ourresponse towards all that happens with us. Life is already hard on us. Why shouldwe be hard on ourselves by yielding to the demands of our life?


I know I can rise early but I cannot be sure if I will reachmy office on time. I know I can reach the station on time but I cannot doanything if the trains are late or delayed. I know I can study but I cannot besure whether I will pass or fail. I know I can fall in love but I am not sureif the person I love will reciprocate or not.


I know I can marry but I don’t know if my marriage will workout or not. I know I can have kids but I am not sure whether they will be asource of happiness or sorrow to me. I know I can work but am not sure whetherI will be successful or not.


Depression sets in when we try to control and change thesmall and big things that are beyond our human abilities to do so. Recognizewhat you can handle and leave what you cannot handle to God. None of us aregoing to be around here forever. We all have a limited time span. So, stopdictating how things should be and live life cheerfully knowing that life is anever-ending cycle of tears, smiles, pain, joy, etc. And, if depression visitsyou, just gracefully give it to God for in His hands all depressed feelingsself-destruct on its own.