Hope has wings

By Julia Fernandes

June 3, 2011


Hope is not theconviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that somethingmakes sense regardless of how it turns out.-- Vaclav Havel, DisturbingPeace


I have learnt in my life that one of the easiest things togive others is hope and ironically it is the toughest thing to hold on toourselves. Initially it was tough to have hope. I would be besieged byself-doubts; I would rely more on my knowledge and less on Divine providence.Then, gradually, as I dedicatedly made it a habit to cling on to hope when myplans would go awry, I learnt a beautiful lesson that hope has wings nobody cansee and nobody can clip!


If there is one thing that nobody can ever take away fromyou is your hope. When I look back at my life, I realize that in the toughesttrials of my life, my hope in God that no matter what has happened or ishappening to me, there is still a whole lot of good waiting to occur in mylife. When current circumstances tempt you to despair, look out for thoselittle signs of hope that God sends from time to time.


If we trust enough in God, life’s changes can prove to be ablessing. When life deals severe blows, I just remember that God is there withme every millisecond. There are a lot of things which God can see from up here,which I probably am unable to see from down here. He can see the whole picture,for He has the best aerial view of my life and the circumstance I am facing. Itell myself even the not-so-good happens for a reason in my life. And He knowsbest.


Truly, hope is the unspoken dedication and love to God. Whenwe have hope we acknowledge the love and believe in the power of God intransforming our lives and turning every difficult satiation around. For younever know at what corner God has planned beautiful surprises in your life. Hopeis a beautiful light that illuminates the darkness of every situation.


One of the most dreadful things in life is to lose hope. Forlosing hope is almost equivalent to saying that there is no God! It is almostlike challenging God’s very existence, questioning his powers to be.


There have been so many phases in my life when my hands havebeen empty and the only thing that I had in my hand was hope. It was hope thatenabled me to keep going. Everything in life is so transient, it’s here todaygone tomorrow. There is no such thing as permanence in our life. In the ebb andflow of life, the wings of hope enabled me to stay afloat of my difficult timesuntil I could find my feet on the ground again!