The sweetest mom: Mother Mary

By Julia Fernandes

October 5, 2011


When Jesus stood with rejection

Mary stood by the cross

How can a Mother desert her Son?

She’ll also stand by us


My second name is Mary. When I wasa little child I used to always tell my mom why you kept such an ordinary nameas my second name as Mary is a very common name. Like my siblings who haveunique names of Saints as their second name, I always thought to myself why wasMary given as my second name.


Years later as I grew up and myfaith evolved I came close to God, Jesus and Mother Mary. I realized how uniqueMother Mary is and how distinctive her name is. I felt blessed to have her nameas my second name. Incidentally, my father’s name is Joseph. So, when I have towrite my full name it goes as: Julia Mary Joseph Fernandes. The names of theparents of Jesus come together in the most beautiful way.


Just as God is a darling, MotherMary, too, is an absolute darling. It’s as though God took all the love of allthe mothers in the world and created Mother Mary. So, the love that she has forher children is the cumulative love of all the mothers put together. That isthe intensity and depth of her love for her children.


We are all human beings andmothers, on those rare occasions, can sometimes fail us or hurt us. Fairenough. Whenever that has happened in my life, I took refuge in Mother Mary.And she has never ever failed me. I consider her my second mother. I never callher Mary, I call her mama. So, in a way I receive double dose of a mother’slove. Who does not want to be loved?


When I am sick and in pain, I canfeel her healing love towards me. I can sense when she protects me from dangersseen and unseen, known and unknown. When I have difficulties I can feel hercare and concern. Mother Mary helps her children. God gives her the grace tohelp her children.


Whenever I have debates anddiscussions with my Protestant brethren, I feel shocked by the animosity theynurse towards Mother Mary. I find it amusing when they think that we Catholicsput Mother Mary above Jesus. Nothing can be far from this truth. All glory isgiven to God.


The first argument is that we prayto her. The point that needs to be clarified is that Mary intercedes for us andplaces our petitions and prayers before her Son, Jesus. She does not grant ourprayers, it is God who grants our prayers through her intercession. I was in adebate with a protestant and he kept arguing why should we pray to Mother Mary?I told him when we pray to Mother Mary, she in turn prays for us. I asked him,“Does not your mother pray for you? So, is there anything wrong when the Motherof God prays for her children?


It is so sad when Christians fromother denominations think that we give her more importance than Jesus. It isnot so. Can any mother in this world ever compete with her son? Then why doProtestants harbour this notion? Mother Mary is family to God and Jesus. Theyare all together in Heaven wanting to save souls.


God is God. Nobody can be God. God -- the Father’s love is incomparable. Jesus is the son of God. He suffered anddied for us, taught us the greatest commandment -- love one another as I haveloved you. And Mother Mary’s only preoccupation is to guide, protect, care,love and pray for all the children all over the world. She leads all herchildren to her Son, Jesus.


Thank you for everything Mama


I luuuuvvvv you Mama…