Is your Daddy like Big Daddy?

By Julia Fernandes

October 11, 2011


We all know the broad definitionof a good daddy -- a daddy who works hard for us, takes care of us when we areill, drops us to our school, brings lunch for us, helps us with our homework,etc. When we are small our daddy is the superhero that no comic books everspeak about. As we grow older, we seldom notice when our daddy graduallytransforms into a father. He may not play with us anymore but he watches overour life with the same daddy concern.


What happens when some fathers arenot exactly a good daddy? God did not make anybody perfect. So, what happenswhen some terrible crimes are committed by fathers? We read in the papers butwe just flip the page to the next article. What happens when the superherobecomes a fallen man? When the one who is supposed to protect you actually isthe one who harms or hurts you? Is it easy to come to terms with this fact? Nope.Is it easy to forgive? Very difficult.


What about those who have neverknown what a daddy is? There are some unfortunate children in this world whogrow up as orphans. All their lives these kids never get to know who theirdaddy is, much less get to know what a daddy’s love is.


That’s when the big daddy comesinto the picture. He has always been there; it’s just that we sometimes fail toobserve his divine presence in our life. The big daddy is all that the bestdaddy can ever be, probably even more. The big daddy is the greatest all-timesuperhero that any child can ever have. Yes, the big daddy is God.


If you have never known what afather’s love is just simply turn to the big daddy. You will experience loveyou have never known before. If your daddy treats you badly, or does things which a father shouldnot do, just complain to big daddy. If you have never got love from your dad, donot hesitate to demand double the love from big daddy. And, trust me; He will bemore than glad to love you with all that He has.


If you feel your daddy ismisguiding you or pushing you towards a wrong path, share your concerns withbig daddy. At times you will grow up learning things that your dad shows you tobe right, which is actually wrong.


Sometimes, as kids, when thingsare taught as right, it becomes tough to identify later on in life that theyare actually wrong. Hence, regularly, cross-check with God the things that yourfather teaches you. If big daddy tells you it is wrong, then it is wrong.Listen to our heavenly father and change your path. And, if possible convinceyour daddy also to change his path.

It is said we do not really choose our parents. Theyare given to us. We cannot change our fathers. But yes, when our dads fallshort in being good fathers, if possible, do try and forgive them. It is saidlove is the most powerful tool that can change anyone. Love and prayers are adeadly combination that can change anybody. And when you feel you cannot handle your father,ask big daddy to handle him for you.


Every father has a permanent role model and that isGod. Every daddy can become a superhero in the eyes of his child when heemulates the qualities of the big daddy. Truth, honesty, integrity, love, care,discipline and forgiveness are not just hollow words. These are all synonymouswith God and fatherhood takes on a beautiful meaning and value when you realizeyour daddy possesses all these qualities and comes closest in becoming a bigdaddy for you…