What is life?

By Julia Fernandes

August 16, 2011


"While we struggle to make sense of things, life looks on in repose." Author unknown


One of the greatest mysteries ofthis world is the mystery of life. We can never truly know why we are born intothis world. You can spend your whole life on this earth and you may still notknow why you came into this world. Of course, the world teaches us to align thepurpose of our birth with what you have achieved in life.


So, if you are a doctor you reckonthat your purpose is to heal and cure people. If you are teacher you understandthat your purpose is to teach and guide young minds. But that is just acompensating thought! Why are some called to be doctors and some teachers -- that mystery nobody knows? Each person has a different calling. How and why Godchooses people for some roles nobody really knows?


Some people do not even have a specificcalling in life. Their calling is not to achieve anything. Yet, life is givento them, too. Isn’t that wonderful yet paradoxical? All that they have to do isto simply live. Yet, they add value and bring meaning to someone else’s life inways beyond our human comprehension.


Come to think of it, nobody reallyasks us if we wish to be born, and nobody really asks us if we wish to die.Life is not a choice give to us. We just get it. But how we live our life andwhat we do with it is entirely upto us. Maybe, being born is not a choice givento us but what we make of our life is definitely within our ambit.


I feel glad when I experience amoment of truth; I feel elated when I experience rare and tender moments oflove; I feel joyous when I experience the finest moments of kindness and goodness.I don’t quite know what is my purpose in life? But a smile escapes my face whenI know something that I have done or said has helped another soul even if it isin the smallest possible way. Maybe, what I have done or said will be forgottenthe next day or the next hour but it still makes me happy when I think thatatleast for one particular moment in time I touched someone’s soul.


Beyond this I don’t even attemptto find out the meaning or purpose of my life. Why should I break my head onthings I am really not supposed to know? I am happy that God gave me life asJulia; I am happy with the way God has made me. Life with all its irritants, troublesand uncertainties is still beautiful.


I must confess life continues to remain a big puzzle tome. I know I cannot unravel this mystery called life, but I will squeeze outall the happiness and extract all the joy that I can from the life that hasbeen given to me. I will enjoy not finding the answer to the biggest question oneveryone’s mind called -- what is life?