Save our world

By Julia Fernandes

August 12, 2011


(This is the first of a series of letters to God).


Dear Papa (God),


This is Julia, your chweetdaughter…:-) This is my first letter to you. I usually share my thoughts withyou in chats and prayers, but this is the first time I thought why not pen aletter to you? So, here it is.


First and foremost, thank you forcreating this beautiful world. The sun, the moon, and the stars -- they are allso awesome. Like a perfect picture poster you made this world. Everything is sofine tuned, right from every atom and molecule. Nobody can better your work. Itso perfect!


We inherited this wonderful worldfor free. And maybe that is the reason we do not really value your creationsand that includes our own selves. I sometimes wonder how painful it must be foryou to see this beautiful world that you so painstakingly created for usheading for ruin.


You know Papa, we have doneeverything in our capacity to destroy the world that you gave us. We havepolluted the waters, the soil, the air, our bodies and our hearts too. Why isman so sinful? Why is there so much of evil and wickedness in how we think? Wenot only disobey you but man’s disobedience extends even to the laws of nature.


Papa, do you anytime regret thatyou gave man dominion over land, sea and all creatures? For we have not beenable to preserve and protect this world and all the living beings that youcreated. We have destroyed forests, displaced animals. It must hurt you a lotto see us destroying our environment. We release such harmful chemicals in theatmosphere that we have managed to create holes in the ozone layer too.


You really made man veryintelligent. But, unfortunately, we have used our intelligence more fordestruction purposes and less for human welfare. We have created bombs -- nuclear ones that can simply wipe away this whole planet! Did you anytime dreamthat one day man will create weapons of mass destruction? Today, we arestruggling for resources -- energy, fuel, food, oil, clean air.


I am sorry Papa for what we havedone to this lovely planet that you created for us. We have made the earth notfit for you to come and visit us. Everything is polluted and impure here. Ijust hope that maybe one day you would intervene and save this world!


Love you lot.


Your loving daughter,