God, chips and ashampoo

By Julia Fernandes

June 24, 2011


This incident happened two days ago. While packing my bagsto leave office I realized I had forgotten to purchase from Virar station mybanana chips which I usually carry to snack in the train. Being a prudentperson that I am, and added to the fact that my home is a good two hours away frommy work place, I always make sure that my bag is well-stocked with all thesnack items that I need. I don’t leave anything to chance.


So, I was highly distressed when I peeped into my bag andrealized that I did not have my favourite chips. With a heavy heart, I left myoffice and all along the brief bus journey I kept wondering what am I going toeat now? These chips are not available anywhere among all the shops at and nearChurchgate station, the place where I would be boarding to catch my train. Andthere was no way I would eat anything else. With this trail of thoughts runningin my mind, I got down from the bus.


Suddenly, my eyes fell on a nondescript shop selling softdrinks just outside Churchgate station. Something looked familiar there. I wentclose and lo -- my favourite banana chips was stock piled! I just couldn’tbelieve my sight. I don’t think in all these years I ever looked at this shopleave alone stopped by.


But on that particular day God took care of my smallestneed. Among all the billion cares in the world, God made sure that one girl whois distraught at not getting her chips will find her favourite chips at themost unusual place. I am sure I did not pray, yet God provided. He answered aprayer that I never made!


Yesterday, when I reached home after work, I planned to washmy hair but I could not locate the sachet of shampoo that I had bought formyself a few days back. I was a bit upset when I learnt that my mom used it inaddition to the two sachets my brother bought for her. Incidentally, she hadwashed her hair yesterday! I rummaged through my belongings to see if, maybe, Icould find just one sachet. But no luck!


I took my clothes and I limped to the bathing room wonderinghow I am going to wash my hair? The three used sachets were lying aside.Listlessly, I picked up the first sachet; it was squeezed to the end, thesecond one shared the same fate too. When I touched the third sachet, I couldfeel a soft lump. There was little shampoo left inside and I know my mom, shenever ever wastes shampoo. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see some leftovershampoo. I squeezed the sachet and a tiny blob of shampoo rested on my palm.


I wondered how this miniscule amount of shampoo would be sufficientfor my thick long hair since I usually need two sachets. Nevertheless, I beganwashing my hair and wonder of wonders -- that little shampoo proved miraculouslymore than sufficient to wash my long hair. I am sure I did not pray, yet, onceagain, God made provision for my smallest need and only He could work themiracle of making that little shampoo adequate for my long hair.


If God can take care of our tiniest needs how much would He take care of our more critical needs? It is such a comforting thoughtto know that God is aware of our every small detail -- right from the amount ofsugar we put in our tea/coffee to our favourite variety of ice-cream.


He has profiled us in every conceivable way and He is withus every moment creating little miracles in our lives. God reveals his love andcare to us in the most unusual ways, as I learnt, sometimes in the form ofchips in a remote shop or as a tiny blob of shampoo in a discarded sachet!