Can happiness makeyou happy?

By Julia Fernandes

June 16, 2011


When I view birthday greetings on cards, on messages, themost popular wish I observe is, "May you always be happy in life." I myselfmake this wish for my friends and family members (chuckle). It has become sucha routine that I don’t think anybody has every stopped and thought, is itreally possible for someone to be happy always?


I admit happiness is on everybody's wishlist; we all want tobe happy. C’mon, who does not want to? But has anybody ever wondered is itpractically possible to live in a Zen-like state, perpetually happy andblissful every single day of your life? Can such blanket happiness really,really make one happy?


I mean imagine if this wish for me had come true, I wouldget up in the morning with a silly grin on my face. Usually when I first awakein the morning, I need some 'Me' time, even if it just for five minutes so thatI can adjust the orientation of my body and mind that I have got up from sleep.I cannot imagine getting up from my sleep with the feeling of being happy! The firstfeeling of blankness and nothingness when I get up in the morning is actuallyso nice!


We experience a wide array of emotions, positive as well asnegative. All emotions have their place in the grand scheme of things. Emotions,such as sadness and sorrow when assimilated with wisdom and understanding bringout a caring human being. Sufferings enable us to open our hearts and minds tothe struggles of other people. It teaches us to be more compassionate and makesus reach out to those who are equally in pain. Strong emotion such as angerteaches me to value peace after my anger has subsided. I rarely get angry, butwhen I do fly off the handle, I realize my error and this in turn helps me toalter my behaviour in future.


Yet, why do we emphasize only on one emotion -- happiness? Whydo we ignore the other emotions or resist the negative ones? Every negativeemotion can teach us something if only we allow it to. Likewise, every positiveemotion can bring out something truly beautiful in us. All emotions whenallowed to run its full course in our lives, proportionately, enable us tocreate our own little Heaven on Earth!


We need not hanker only after happiness; rather welcomeevery emotion and experience and allow it to enrich our lives by firstidentifying it, then acknowledging it and then finally releasing it. And mostimportantly be grateful for what every emotion teaches you. It is only when wehave a full bank of emotions that life becomes like a rainbow -- colourful andmulti-hued.


So, the next time I have to send a birthday greeting tosomeone, this is what I will probably wish:


A little sunshine

A little rain

Little joys

And little pain

I make this small wishfor you

And hope it all comestrue