Love story of a T-shirt

By JuliaFernandes

September 24,2011


(I get a lot of demand to write love-based stories.So, based on popular demand, here goes a short love story that is purely rippedapart from some corner of my vivid imagination).


She looked atthe time on her mobile; it was well past 8 pm. She wondered how long it wouldtake before he would show up for the party. It was around eight months since Alesehad joined this new company. Among all the colleagues there was one tall,handsome man that had stirred something in her heart and soul. He was Adelrich,the team leader -- flamboyant and intimidating yet soft and a very generous soulfrom within.


The party was thrownon the success of a project of which she was a part of. Despite being in thesame team they rarely had the opportunity to talk or get to know one anotherbetter. Whenever their paths crossed, Adelrich could feel her presence, but thestiffness in his body language suggested the subtle tension he would feel eachtime she passed by him. Both felt something that neither could talk, or expressor even deny.


Before the partycould begin all the team members were informed of the dress code for the party,which was a customized T-shirt associated with the success of the project. It hadthe project logo on it. Everyone was instructed to wear the T-shirt. Being newto the party culture, Alese did not think much of the sentiments attached tothe T-shirt. When the T-shirt was given to her, she opened it, took a good lookat it and decided that she was surely not to going to wear it as it did not gelwith the outfit that she was wearing at that time.


She kept theT-shirt in her office drawer and headed to the party. The party was justbeginning and the team members were slowly trooping in one-by-one. But therewere no signs of Adelrich, whom she was eagerly waiting for. She did not wantto leave the party without seeing him. She sat in one corner of the sofa andwaited till the time passed.


And then, littleafter 8 pm, Adelrich walked in. He looked good in the T-shirt. The atmosphereinstantly changed with his towering presence. When he saw her, he was sad tosee that she was not wearing the team T-shirt yet he said nothing to her. He casuallymingled with his team members and then headed straight to the bar for a drink. Alesekept following his movements.


With a glass inhis hand, he stood bang opposite her and locked eyes with her. She too lookedat him, but was unable to maintain more than a few seconds of direct eyecontact with him.  Just when he wasbeginning to get into the groove, Alese, already running late, made a dash tothe exit. Being new to the party scene, she did not realize that she ought tohave informed the hosts that she is leaving.


Like aCinderella in hurry, she left. Adelrich did not expect that. He stood therestunned and hurt. He perceived her abrupt exit as rudeness towards him. The partycontinued whole night but Adelrich was in no mood. He simmered with anger fromwithin while Alese had no inkling about what her action had done.

The next day Adelrich’sbehavior towards her had drastically changed. Alese could sense his anger towardsher and she kept wondering why? After a few days Adelrich wore the same teamT-shirt to the office. He made his statement without saying a word. It was thenthat she realized how much that T-shirt mattered to him and how hurt he feltwhen she did not wear the same.  


The following day,Alese, too, wore the team T-shirt for the first time and walked into theoffice. All heads turned to look at her. She looked cute in the T-shirt. Adelrichwas surprised, but pleasantly happy. This time she also made her statement,that she was sorry for hurting his sentiments.


So, through asimple T-shirt two people in love communicated without exchanging a wordbetween them. While one wore the T-shirt to express his hurt, the other worethe T-shirt to express that she was sorry. And, thus began a wonderful lovestory. Many things happened and many things did not happen. Their worlds graduallychanged and they moved away from each other.


Today, both donot know where the other person is. Whether or not they will ever see eachother or come face-to-face with one another only a -- T-shirt can tell!