God completes me

By Julia Fernandes

August 4, 2011


I have always pondered what is it that makes a person feel whole?Is it all the achievements that we have been taught to pursue from the time weare little children that make us feel complete? If you have had a goodeducation, are earning well, found love, got married, have kids --does such aperson feel accomplished? Atleast, to the world they appear to have everything goingfor them, but, I wonder in the deep recesses of their heart are they really atpeace with themselves?


I wonder what is that feeling when you have achievedeverything in life that includes personal as well as professional goals? Suchpeople, objectively speaking, really have no grouse against life. So, are suchpeople always happy? Does having everything guarantee happiness? Is there reallya sense of fulfillment when you have achieved everything in your life?


And what about those people who sail through life, missingsome important milestones? Some people have to struggle all their life to makeends meet; they never really land up with their dream job. Some are perpetuallyunlucky in love. Some have broken marriages; some do not have kids while someare never able to posses a decent house of their own. These are people who inthe eyes of the world lack something or the other. Do such people think thatthey are incomplete in any way?


Since I fall in this category, yes, sometimes I am temptedto think so. But then I tell myself. "Julia, if you have everything tomorrow,are you really going to feel complete?" I close my eyes and envision all that Iwant. When I put myself in that place and take a peek in my heart, I realize Icannot guarantee that I will be happy.


The world has taught us that being successful is important,but nobody tells us of the emptiness you can sometimes feel when you are thetop. The world emphasizes getting married is important, but nobody warns us ofthe possibility of a loveless marriage. Having kids is normal, but nobody tellsus how a child can sometimes bring anguish for us.


Having everything in life does not necessarily imply that wewill feel complete. Right now, even though my life is not exactly fantasticfrom the worldly viewpoint, I am in touch with God and at peace with myself. Andthat makes me feel whole from within.


Because of God, today, even in my incompleteness I feel veryhappy and complete. The world leads me to believe that I am incomplete but thetruth is I don’t feel incomplete. When you allow God in your life, all the empty spacesin your life get automatically filled up with His love and presence. 

So, evenif in the eyes of the world I lag behind or lack something in my life, deep within I feel whole for nothing can truly complete you the way God can!