Business worries? Consult God

By Julia Fernandes

September 12, 2011


‘Don’t use anybody in your business and that includes God.’ -- JuliaFernandes


I don’t know how many businessmenor those in positions where they have to bring business to their organizationpray or talk to God about their business woes? I am not talking of the prayerpeople say when they pray for success in business/work. Nope. I am talking abouthow many businessmen discuss with God their business plans or the deals theyare going to strike?


It’s common knowledge that severalbusinessmen hire experts in the key business areas to guide them and helpthem maximize their profits in most of their business dealings. But, how many stop to consult God who isTHE BEST with business knowledge unparallel to any expert in this whole world?


God knows exactly how the stockmarkets are performing; He even knows when it will crash or when it will spike.He knows all the nitty-gritty’s of investment banking, He knows the ideal debt:equity ratio a company should maintain. You cannot find anybody better than Godwhere number-crunching is concerned. Only He has the power to turnaround anysick company into the most profitable company on earth, if you truly believe inHim with all your heart and soul.


But there’s a catch. If you reallywant God to help you crack the toughest business deals, you have to abide byhis rules. You see, He does not like dishonesty or cheating at all. He willgive you the success you are looking for, provided you do so with utmosthonesty and integrity. I know honesty and integrity are words not found in thedictionary of most businessmen. But, if you want a success sanctioned by God,you got to include these two words in your dictionary and abide by them.


Asking for guidance from God doesnot mean you have no responsibility in thinking or planning. Rather it meansyou have a higher authority with supreme knowledge of the past, future andpresent who is with you to guide you to make the best decision for yourbusiness. And unlike your experts, He charges nothing. All He asks is true lovein return.


With God besides you nobody willbe able to pull the wool over your eyes. He will foil the attempts of those whotry to cheat or harm you in your business. God is not to be remembered just inthe morning with just chants or lip service prayer before you start to work.Neither is He to be prayed to just to ask for success and wealth.


There is much more to God. Remember the creator ineverything that you do and that includes your business work too. You will besurprised at the way God will handle your business. And maybe, one fine day inthe twilight moments of your life you will realize that the greatest and mostprofitable business on earth is the business of knowing, loving and servingGod!