How God helps us find answers

By Julia Fernandes

October 18, 2011


After I write any new story, as apractice, I post the link of the story on many groups and forums so as toensure maximum people read it. I had posted one such article on a group. Fewdays back a person posted a comment on the link of one of my articles making amockery of God.


When I first read the comment Iwas taken aback. I did not know how to react. I usually refrain from gettinginto conflicts with people who differ from my views as the Bible says neverargue with a fool. I went about my work as usual though I was disturbed by thecomment, figuring out whether to retaliate or just ignore the comment.


I was just all alone in mythoughts. I plunged deep into my heart and asked myself, "What if somebody hadto ridicule or make fun about somebody very close or dear to me? Would I ignorethe barb or would I stand up for that person?" The answer my heart gave was, "Yes, I would stand up for my loved one."

That’s when I told myself, if itis a yes for a loved one, it has to be yes for God, too. I logged in my account,found the article and posted a fitting reply to the person who wrote thecomment. I scolded him warning him never to make fun of a divine power he hasno knowledge about. By evening that person posted, "Am sorry God." I feltrelieved.


Yesterday, I was browsing throughsome of my old papers and I came across a paper that had something written onit. It was a scripture reference -- Galatians 6:7, "Be not deceived, for God isnot mocked." Suddenly, I recollected the man’s comment. At that moment itstruck me that what I did was the right thing.


If only I had come across thisfirst it would have been easier for me to take the decision of correcting theman. But, I guess God did not want it that way. God, perhaps, wanted to testand see how much love I have in my heart for Him. He wanted to gauge howoutraged I felt when I saw the comment and how spontaneously would I respond.


God wanted me to correct that man for reasons otherthan God’s fear and laws. And the reason I discovered was love. Love for Godenabled me to admonish the person. Sometimes, after making a choice, Godreveals that we are right. Though the answers are all round us, God teaches usto search for them, even if it means that the search begins from your very ownheart!