Love will come

By Julia Fernandes

September 7, 2011


"I chased after love for what seemed forever, but it was when I stoppedto take a rest that it found me." -- Anonymous


One of the most fascinating andintriguing emotions that I have ever come across has to be love. What exactlyis love, nobody knows. Generations and generations have passed by, yet lovecontinues to remain one of the greatest mysteries of life. You cannot dissectlove in any way; you cannot find its DNA. It is an enthralling emotion that cantake you to the highest peak and can also bring you down to the lowest point inthe valley of your life. It has extremes beyond the understanding of any wiseperson!


Nobody knows what really love isall about. People can only feel love but nobody can precisely say or expresswhat exactly love is? It is a throbbing feeling you feel in your heart, thatdizzy feeling in your head; you smile for no reason at all, the world seems sobeautiful suddenly, even your enemies appearing endearing to you! Love makesyou silly, stupid, and it is probably the only time we are so glad on feeling stupid!


There are so many intricate layersand layers of love that nobody can truly discover love in its entirety. Howmuch you discover love hinges upon how deeply you fall in love with someone.Sometimes, it takes someone else to open your eyes to the value of love. I amno expert in love but I can say one thing, fall in love when love knocks atyour door -- but be careful. For love has dual qualities -- it can create aswell as destroy. Love can bring out the best in you and love, if not handledproperly, can also bring out the worst in you, too.


Everybody seeks love. I have yetto come across someone who is not searching for that elusive thing called love.If I had a magic wand I would probably wish true love for everybody on earth.No situation of X loving Y and Y loving Z. I would shield people from painfulheartbreaks and unite lovers.


So, this goes out to everybody whois reading this article. If you are still searching or waiting for your love, justhang on, it will come; love will come at the right time in your life. Don’tsearch for somebody who is not searching for you. If God can know the beginningfrom the end, He will also know the kind of person that is best suited to the needsof your heart.


No matter what has happened thereis still a lot of good waiting to happen in your life and that includes love. Maybeyour love is right now traveling in a bus, or standing on a train, or sittingin a plane unaware that somebody somewhere is thinking of him/her. But when thetime is right you love will appear right in front of you!


When you wish on a star that shines

It will come true in some time

So, trust in God 

Your love will comein its own sweet time