God, mixi container and spark

By Julia Fernandes

August 22, 2011


This incident happened yesterday. Iset out to prepare masala for a dish. I don’t know what came in my mind, but instead of taking the big container of the mixer, I decided to use the minimixer container. So, I promptly removed it from the shelf and put all theingredients -- onion, ginger-garlic and spices.


The first time I ran the mixer,the container lid slightly came out of its place. Thinking that something waswrong with the lid of the container, I changed the inner ring inside out. Thistime when I ran the mixer, the full lid came off and all the mixture flew on myeyes, face, hair, neck and body.


I got scared for my eyes andimmediately washed it. But to my surprise when I checked in the mirror my eyesdid not turn reddish nor did it burn. There was just a mild burning sensationin my nostrils, but my eyes were safe. I did feel the mixture going in my eyes.When I looked in the mirror the mixture pieces was all over me. Yet, Godprotected me.


Then I noticed another strangething. The mixture flew on the microwave, fridge, even on the walls of mykitchen which were a good six to seven feet away from the place of the mixer.And very close to the mixer just a couple of inches away is my mini-altar. Thebeauty is that the whole kitchen got messed up while the mini-altar in my kitchenwas left spotless despite being so close to the mixer!


This incident reminded me ofanother event that happened several years back. One fine early morning mymother as usual was working in the kitchen attending to her normal chores. Shelit the stove and put the water for tea and went about her normal work. Therewas a vessel of water kept on the kitchen table. Suddenly, from the reflectionof the water from that vessel my mom saw some flames. It was very early in themorning and the moon was still up. So, my mom first mistook it for thereflection of the moon. When she gazed closely, much to her horror, sherealized her hair on the top of her head was on fire!


With the water from the vessel sheimmediately managed to put off the flames on her hair. That one spark when she had lit the stove had set her hair on fire. And she did not knowabout it until she saw the reflections of the flame on the water. Since mymom’s hair is frizzy and thick the flames did not harm her scalp. She wassaved; God protected her.


It’s in these little incidents that you see glimpsesof God’s love and presence. God is truly present everywhere, seeing everylittle work that we are doing. If God can protect someone’s hair from flames,someone’s eyes from masala mixture, He will surely take care of all that thefuture holds for you.