It’s OK to be a loser

By Julia Fernandes

July 22, 2011


I finished my college graduation in the year 1996. We arenow in 2011. In the 15 years of my life after graduation, my cumulative workexperience till now has been a little more than six years, which means for a totalof almost nine years I had been without a job! That makes me highly qualifiedto write this piece.


I have come to realize that the world we live in is highlyobsessed with success. A lot of premium is placed on your achievements; thepressure to be a winner starts from school, college, work, extending upto yourpersonal life. People tend to measure you by what you have achieved in all the areasof your life.


It is nice to be successful but failure isn’t bad either. Theumpteen long breaks that I have taken in my career helped me to discover God inways I would have never been able to find Him had I been working continuously.I remember spending lonely long afternoons on the terrace of my building -- notalone but with God by my side. In those quietest moments I would pray, talk toGod, think, eat, listen to music, look at the sky, watch the birds -- and thenmy refreshed soul would come back home. I would feel energized to go about mydaily chores, enthusiastic to live for another day not knowing where I am headedfor in my life.


The world teaches us that we need to have direction in ourlife and we ought to move in that direction. But God taught me that you canstill live life to the fullest even if you do not have a direction in yourlife. You can still enjoy the highest moments of bliss even if you have lostyour way in your life for nothing lasts forever, neither success nor failure.


I did not scramble for help; I did not press the panicbutton. For I knew I was not alone in this. God was with me too. And He did dowonders. Each time I got a job after long breaks, God gave me the best job -- interms of the work, environment, salary, everything. It is like that. In justone magnificent sweep of His blessings, God makes you forget all the hardshipsthat you had to endure.


I really don’t know how this term loser became a part of ourdictionary. I find it cruel. God is never in a hurry to write us off as much aswe humans are to write each other off. I often hear people calling one anotherloser with a big L. It’s sad because God never considers anybody as loser.There is no such word as loser in God’s dictionary for He can turnaround justabout anything.


It’s OK if you do not have a job. Stay close to God andtrust that He will not put you in a company where He has not planned a futurefor you. It’s OK if you have failed in your exams. It just means that youeither try harder next time or maybe God has blessed you with other talents,which you need to discover.


It’s OK if your bank balance is dwindling; it is OK even ifit becomes zero. Yes, I have been through that phase and the most beautifulpart is despite not having sufficient money in my bank, my purse was alwaysfull! When you see a zero in your bank statement, just remember that it doesnot take long for God to add 1, 2, 3, 4, etc before that zero. And that’s whatHe did.


Every failure, every career break, every financial problemdid not break me, did not make me a bitter person. The greatest success lies inrecognizing and cherishing the love of God; the greatest achievement is havingGod by your side. And the best part is while I was busy enriching my heart,mind and soul with God’s love, God got busy enriching the other worldly areasof my life and that includes my health, my work and even my bank account!


Today, no amount of success can bloat my head and noamount of failures can sink my heart. For I have learnt that when you enjoy andshare the deepest love with God, you have achieved everything in life. As longas you have God with you, it’s OK to be a loser for in the eyes of God you area winner all the way!