Sipping tea withJesus

By Julia Fernandes

June 13, 2011


Whether you are happyor sad

Just press the buttoncalled prayer

To dial God anywhere

-- Julia Fernandes


All of us have different methods of praying. No two personspray alike. However, my methods of praying are very unconventional to say theleast. In the morning, I arrange all my little statues, with my candles andmatchbox on my small table, and sit on the sofa in front of the table with mycup of tea. As I quietly sip my tea I become aware of the presence of Jesus onmy mini-table. I feel as though I am sipping tea with none other than Jesus!The feeling of comfort you feel when you sit and share a coffee or tea withyour best friend -- that is the joy I feel when I have my tea with Jesus lookingat me.


So, the next time you find yourself alone and you find thatthere is nobody to share a meal with you, try keeping a small statue or apicture of Jesus or a picture of the God you daily pray to on your meal table. Youwould be surprised at the feeling of someone looking over you lovingly as youpartake in your meal. It is the most comforting feeling to have a meal or sipyour favourite drink with God, if you really consider God as your friend.


Then my next session of prayer is in the train as Iundertake a one and half hour journey from Virar to Mumbai to reach myworkplace. I must admit in the din and noise of the trains it becomes verydifficult concentrating on a prayer. Sometimes I doze off while praying, atother times the antics of the train passengers distract me. Then when I realizeI am not praying whole-heartedly I stop and close my prayer book. It is betterto not pray than to pray with mere lip service. God deserves full attention andnot our half or quarter attention. Finally, at night when I am dead tired I manageto utter a simple thank you for everything and hit the pillow immediately!


I have come to learn that our attitude to prayer should notbe one of just asking God for everything or remembering Him only when things gowrong in our life. Neither should our prayer be just thanks and praise and thenforgetting God, distancing Him from the other aspects of our life. The best wayto pray is to remember God in every moment of our life, sharing our fears,laughter, joy and sorrow with Him. That not only makes God happy but also makesHim feel a part of our lives.


Trust me, God is interested in the little things that youplan to do. He would love to listen to things that made you laugh or people whomade you happy or sad. Let me add, God has a terrific sense of humour. I often sharethe funny incidents in my life with God and I know that just as I am smiling orlaughing here, a smile has also escaped from God’s face too...:)


When I am busy doing the dishes in the kitchen and I hear asound of laughter from my family members from the living room, I throw anappreciative smiling glance at Jesus (I have a small altar in my kitchen, too)thanking Him secretly for the blessing of laughter and mirth in my home. Onthose odd days when I hear arguments I throw an anguish look at Jesus, as ifimploring Him to please handle it.


Whatever the mode of praying, the one where you feelclosest to God is the best method of communicating with your maker. So, one caneither pray on one’s kneel, or stand or sit or like me can simply be sharinga tea with Jesus!