God loves you very much

When you lose everything in life

You realize God is all you have and

God is all you need..


Through all the ups and downs of my life, God has been a constant and steady support in my life – never leaving me even once alone. Friends come and go, the seasons in your life come and go – but God is forever the same. He is there with you in your darkest hours, holding your hand, wiping your tears. If I know Him, it is only because I love Him.


No love can be more true than the love God has for each and every one of us. All are His children; the whole universe belongs to Him. We are all in God’s hand. Nothing can be marvelous than to know that you are enveloped in God’s love.


This space spreads the beauty and fragrance of God’s beautiful love. It is a small effort from me to collate all the little that I have learnt from my experiences till know. And I am happy to share those experiences with all those who have reached this page.


If through my thoughts I can reach and touch the life of even one person out there, this effort has not gone in waste. 




God bless you all....Smile


Julia Fernandes

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