Why is the media so unfair to Salman Khan?

By Julia Fernandes

October 29, 2013


I was just going through the news articles today and I could not help but wonder at the unfair reporting.


Salman Khan, the host of Big Boss, an Indian reality show, sounded Kushal, a contestant, for being downright rude to fellow co-contestant Tanisha during a task.


While most of us have applauded Salman's act, the twitter world was divided in their opinions with some calling Salman as unfair. As a media person myself, and someone who is an avid watcher of the show, here are four questions I want to ask the media:


When you write a story, you have to represent both the sides. Why is it that the news articles have not mentioned those twitter users who have supported Salman?


Why are only those twitter users been quoted in the articles who do not agree with Salman's act?


Why are those tweets that have applauded Salman not carried in these articles?


While highlighting that unfair Salman was trending, why is that the media failed to mention that #SalmanIsAlwaysFair was also trending on Sunday?


A big question – WHY? Which leaves me with no choice but to repeat my question, why is the media so unfair to Salman Khan?