Mummy, bike, sea and sand
By Julia Fernandes
March 28, 2013

It was an Egyptian Mummy
Though it was a dummy
That saw us first together
In a fair and sunny weather

Next witness were candles two
That hid a secret colour and hue
When lit, fused like none
Revealing the colour of us becoming one

Though we didn’t walk hand-in-hand
Yet, we left footprints on the sand
Thus, the sea became the third
As the waves absorbed our word

Next in line was a bike compact
That did its job to leave an impact
As I sat close and held you tight
With my dainty hands and feeble might

A kind doctor you then caught
Who was surprised as I was brought
For 10 minutes he was in silent mode
As he talked to you in a secret code

And then came a loud thunder
That threatened to destroy our little wonder
But up went our prayers powerful
And down came blessings plentiful

So, this is our epic story
In all its hidden glory
Of mummy, bike, sea and sand
All etched on the palm of God’s hand